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MC2MC Kick-Off Evening slide decks and Sway

To our sponsors, Microsoft and Synergics, and all who attended our opening event on the 19th of February, a big thank you to make it such a success. It’s truly appreciated that you all came to our first opening event and we hope you enjoyed the sessions and were able…

Secure your corporate information, not your devices!

EMS, Intune, MDATP, Security
Introduction I’ve seen multiple customers struggling with their corporate information. Most of the time this data is secured in a traditional way without flexibility to collaborate. Result: People find other way to collaborate: Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Mails, Private-mails, whatsapp,.. You don’t want your personal data published on the web. Why…

Passwordless sign-in, practical example!

Azure, EMS, Guides, Security
It is time to break up your relationship with passwords. Passwords have been good to us in the past, but in today’s digital workplace they have become a relatively easy attack vector for hackers. Hackers love passwords and it’s not difficult to see why when you consider that most commonly…

Intune How-To Guides

Tim H. is posting weekly a part of his full Intune setup guide. This guide will let you configure a demo environment (Cloud Only – No Hybrid) and lets you manage devices from Intune. The guides will cover everything: MDM, MAM, Settings, Configuration, Defender ATP, … So check back weekly…

Single App Kiosk with Windows Autopilot

Tim H. posted a new blog post on his site Cloud-Boy.be. Set up a Single App Kiosk device with Intune & Windows Autopilot. Block it so no other users can log on and make sure it doesn’t get into sleep/hibernate mode. https://www.cloud-boy.be/portfolio-item/single-app-kiosk-with-windows-autopilot/ Happy testing!