Autumn Edition Evening MC2MC - Security Night


We are thrilled to announce the date of our next event on the 19th of November 2020. Expect some top notch sessions from our speakers.

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18h30 – 18u45: Welcome

18h45 – 19u30: Cloud Security Posture Management with Azure Security Center and Workload Protection with Azure Defender by Yuri Diogenes (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft).
While there is a big investment in threat detection across the security industry, the reality is that many studies have shown that security hygiene is still the number one reason that organizations get compromised. This means that visibility and control over your cloud workloads’ security posture is an imperative measure to reduce the likelihood that attackers will exploit misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities in your environment. In this talk, we will discuss how Azure Security Center (ASC) can be utilized to provide visibility and control over different workloads in Azure. From preventative remediations of security recommendations, to the utilization of secure score as your main KPI to drive security posture management, ASC provides a set of capabilities that are target for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) scenario and also Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) with Azure Defender.

19h30 – 20h15: Achieving SOC Operational Efficiency for Azure Sentinel Hunting by Rod Trent (Cybersecurity CE and SME for Azure Sentinel at Microsoft).
Many SOCs have developed their security team processes around legacy tools. These processes have sometimes resulted in habits that are difficult to break when modernizing security using a cloud-based security tool like Azure Sentinel. Utilizing Azure Sentinel’s efficiency economy is a point that is often overlooked and as SOCs become more interested in migrating to Azure Sentinel exposing this area can lead to huge efficiency gains and help security teams minimize the number of manual processes.
This session will focus on the unique value that Azure Sentinel provides to help customers modernize their operations by taking advantage of streamlining capabilities that have been intentionally and mindfully integrated into the product. This is not a feature-by-feature Sentinel demo, but a discussion on how Azure Sentinel allows SOCs to think differently and improve their overall security operations.

20h15 – 20h25: Break

20h25 – 21h15: TBD by Heike Ritter (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft).

21h15 – 22h00: TBD by Michael Van Horenbeeck (Microsoft MVP Azure).

22h00 – 23h00: Social BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Beer) teams meeting