March 2021 - MC2MC evening


We are thrilled to announce the date of our first event in 2021. On the 18th of March, our MC2MC crew will take care of the sessions. Expect three top notch sessions from our speakers. Hope to see you all there!

This will be a virtual live event on Microsoft Teams.

Tickets available, register here:


18h45 – 19u00: Welcome

19h00 – 19u45: Opposites attract, the story of running Linux on Windows by Ken Goossens & Tim De Keukelaere
Did you know Windows 10 features a real Linux kernel? WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is a Linux kernel compatibility layer for Windows allowing Linux programs to run inside Windows. Join this session to learn more about WSL and see if Microsoft really loves Linux.

19h45 – 20h30: Azure Private Link & Azure Private Endpoint, What’s so Private about it? by Micha Wets & Wim Matthyssen
Security is one of the most important things that a Cloud admin (IT Administrator) should always keep in mind, especially when managing business critical workloads in Azure. Our previous session about Azure Bastion was a great start, but we want you to make your environment even more secure. In this session, you will not learn 1 Azure PaaS service, but 2: Azure Private Link & Azure Private Endpoint, both linked to each other! Join us in this demo-filled session to learn which service can help you, and how it can make your environment more secure.

20h30 – 20h45: Break

20h45 – 21h30: The Force Awakens: Defender + MCAS (Tim Hermie)
Within the M365 E5 licensing, we have a lot of powerful products. Two of them are Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Cloud App Security. In this session I’ll go over both platforms, show you some best practices. And I’ll show you the power of them both combined in live demo’s.

21:30 – …: BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Beer) Social