MC2MC Live - The Summer Edition


We are thrilled to announce the date of our next event, on June 22, 2023. Expect three top-notch sessions from our speakers. We hope to see you all there!

This will be a physical live event in Belgium. The location is Xylos Antwerpen (Noorderlaan 139, 2030 Antwerpen, Floor 6. Parking space available in the back). Free drinks and food will be available.

Line-up in detail below.

Xylos will be sponsoring this event completely.

Tickets available (take notice live event in Belgium don’t forget), register here:


18h00 – 18h45: Welcome with food and drinks. Introduction by the MC2MC crew

18h45 – 19h40: From Arcane to Accessible: Demystifying Azure Confidential Computing by Thomas van Laere (Microsoft Azure MVP)

Get ready for an engaging session where Thomas unravels the mysteries of Azure Confidential Computing, titled “From Arcane to Accessible: Demystifying Azure Confidential Computing.”

In this session, you will be guided through the fundamentals of Azure Confidential Computing in a clear and approachable manner. No prior knowledge or experience is required! Discover how Microsoft Azure provides a secure haven for your sensitive workloads, without the need for complex technical wizardry.

We will start by exploring the basics of confidential computing and its significance in safeguarding your data. You will then dive into the practical aspects, focusing on the power of enclaves—hardware-based trusted execution environments that provide a protective shield for your code and data.

Throughout the session, simplified explanations, real-world examples, and interactive demonstrations will help you grasp the concepts effortlessly. By the end, you will have a solid foundation of Azure Confidential Computing and be equipped to take your first steps towards enhancing data security. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to demystify Azure Confidential Computing and unlock a new level of secure possibilities.

Join us and embark on an exciting journey of knowledge!

19h40 – 20h35: Sentinel’s Got Game: Unleashing the Power of 3rd party app integrations by Sander Bougrine & Robbe Van den Daele

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, cybersecurity professionals face the challenge of combating sophisticated attacks while managing complex infrastructures. Microsoft Sentinel has emerged as a leading solution in empowering organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to threats effectively. By integrating third-party applications with Microsoft Sentinel, users can harness the power of a unified security platform that brings together the best tools, insights, and automation.

Key Topics Covered:

– Introduction to Microsoft Sentinel
– The Benefits of Integration
– Extending the Capabilities
– Real-World Use Cases
– Best Practices and Implementation Strategies

20h35 – 20h50: Break

20h50 – 21h40:Lastpass hack the investigations by Erik Loef (Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP)

On 22 of December the bad news came out , all vaults of LastPass customers are in the hands of hackers, in this session we are going to investigate how bad this is.

21h40 – 22h30: …: Networking drink