MC2MC Live - The Spring Edition


We are thrilled to announce the date of our next event, on April 27, 2023. Expect four top-notch sessions from our speakers. We hope to see you all there!

This will be a physical live event in Belgium. The location is 3Square Zwijnaarde. Free drinks and food will be available.

Line-up in detail below.

Orbid will be sponsoring this event completely.

Tickets available (take notice live event in Belgium don’t forget), register here:


18h00 – 18h45: Welcome with food and drinks. Introduction by the MC2MC crew

18h45 – 19h30: Azure Log Analytics and the Kusto Query Language by Els Putzeys

Monitoring is not always the most exciting part of an administrator’s life. But it is important, and it has to be done. And maybe it can even be fun these days with the Kusto Query language.

KQL is a powerful tool that helps you explore your data and discover patterns. From simple queries that filter data and return specific columns to complex statements that join data from various tables, Kusto can handle it all.

Logging data from Azure resources and on-premises VMs is collected by the Log Analytics workspace, where it is stored and can be queried with Kusto.

Learn all about the Azure Log Analytics service, the Kusto language syntax and how to write queries to get insights in your data in this session.

19h30 – 20h15: Exploring the benefits and features of the new Microsoft Store and Windows Package Manager by Diego Lens

Microsoft announced last year the retirement of the Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education.
In this session you will learn :

– How to integrate Microsoft Intune with the new Microsoft Store on Windows
– How Windows Package Manager (winget) is integrated in the new Store.

20h15 – 20h30: Break

20h30 – 21h15: 1,2,3 … testing : is this thing on(line)? Meet your new Microsoft Testing tools by Mike Martin

Is your environment acting the way you intended it to be, as in do your users see what you wanted them to see?
Is your app breaking under stress or even worse going down when components are acting up (or down in this case)?
In the past people were using Azude Devops Load Testing and related. But we all know some of these services have been deprecated. In this session you will be guided though all the options you have today lining out all the testing capabilities you have in the Microsoft Coding Universe.
Let’s take a stroll through the various options for load, chaos and automated testing in all things Microsoft devops and Azure. In doing so you will get to learn which services to use to improve reliability, performance usability and resilience of the applications you are building.

Note: testing includes Chaos Studio, Playwright, Azure Load Testing and more.

21h15 – 22h00: Unpackaging the packaging and App Confidence with Microsoft Test Base by Sven De Groote and Andy D’Hollander

A deep dive into the fun magical world of application packaging and troubleshooting. Notes from the field. Getting to know how your vendor MSI’s are build.
We will also be looking at Microsoft Test Base and how it can help you build app confidence by testing your critical apps against upcoming security and feature updates.

22h00 – 23h00: …: Networking drink