October 2021 - MC2MC Evening


We are thrilled to announce the date of our next event in 2021, on the 21st of October. Expect four top notch sessions from top notch speakers. Hope to see you all there!

This will be a virtual live event on Microsoft Teams. You can join here.

Tickets available, register here:


18h30 – 18u45: Welcome

18h45 – 19u30: Getting started with Azure Virtual Desktop by Johan Vanneuville (Founding Board Member BAVDUG).

In this session you will learn everything you need to know about the Getting Started feature that went GA.

19h30 – 20h15: Intune for Enterprises by Tim Hermie (Microsoft MVP Enterprise Mobility).

A session that will show you tips and tricks on how to deploy and configure Intune for bigger organizations/companies. How to create structure in Azure AD, where there is no structure out-of-the-box. How to make your devices most secure with Security Baselines. Session with only a few slides and a lot of demo’s.

20h15 – 20h30: Break

20h30 – 21h15: GitHub CoPilot and PowerShell by Barbara Forbes (Microsoft MVP Azure).

This July, GitHub introduced the private preview of GitHub CoPilot. This Visual Studio Code tool is described as your AI Pair programmer. Using machine learning, it helps you develop code by predicting what you want to write next in your script.
In this session I will show you what GitHub CoPilot is and I will give a demo of what it can do for your PowerShell scripts.

21h15 – 22h00: Cloud Security SaaS Startup on Azure by David O’Brien (Founder Argos Cloud Security).

Startups may begin small but have to be ready to grow fast when global demand grows. Using Microsoft Azure, you can start with simple and then grow to complex with an easy-to-use and consistent experience that offers the services you need most.
At ARGOS we had to make a decision early on. Are we going to build once or are we going to build many times? Are we going to do a quick job and deploy a single VM and then have to worry about all that rubbish maintaining all of this and then over and over refactoring our environment?
Do we want scalability to be a tech or a sales problem?
In this session I will talk about cloud security and what goes into building a modern SaaS product on Microsoft Azure, from day 0 to eventual large scale. I will talk about all the great things and all the pains we went through to build a great platform on Azure.


22h00 – 23h00: …: BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Beer) Social